Decorate Your Home – Use Antique Themes with Estate Sale Finds

It is possible to completely change the appearance of the interior of your home. Antique décor and furnishings go a long way to achieve new looks. Each year there are many estate sales in the Houston area. These are sales that include a wealth of diverse items. You can change the appearance of each room in your house with estate sale finds.

These decorating projects can result in completely different rooms. They may aim only to add accents that are defining and unique. There are many sites that advertise local estate sales in an area, check out those sites on a regular basis or if you’re in the Houston area, visit our site to see upcoming estate sales.   Getting on an estate sale company’s direct email list is the best way to get notified of upcoming sales.

Our last few estate sales in Memorial tx were a complete sell out due to the overwhelming amount of people that received notification, just remember to show up early and ready to grab what you’re there for.  Competition runs high.  So what can you do with the abundance of estate sale furnishings and accent pieces?

Kitchen Decor with Estate Sale Accents

Countertop Cast Iron Accessories

Accent the Kitchen

Accenting the kitchen does not mean completely stripping it of furnishings. This type of project is about finding special accent pieces. Antique dining tables, breakfast benches or settings could work in this room. These are unique additions to the kitchen and make it memorable. You can use your estate sale finds to create a new theme here. Painting walls and adding area rugs is a good way to compliment kitchen antiques.

estate vintage den decor

Accent Floral Side Chair & Circular Rug

Redesign the Den

Redesign projects are a little bit more complex. You may want to embrace a different color scheme in your den. Sofas and loveseats can be used in this space. Antique chairs and tables will help in this process. Paintings and wall hangings are terrific accessories to put in the den. Depending on the size of the room you may want to purchase more antique decorative items. Large estate sales can usually accommodate these projects.

Antique Chandelier Bedroom Accent

Style the Bedroom

Antique bedding and curtains will bring creative style into the bedroom. These pieces give you the opportunity to tailor a new space. Items that match wall color or carpet are very useful. At the same time, you can find antique mementos to accent this room. Photographs and collectibles are wonderful finds to introduce to bedrooms. These bring a sense of character to a hospitality space.

Our Houston Tx Estate sales provide families with an opportunity to sell the belongings of loved ones. When we host these sales, we advertise, organize, stage, and price items to sell.  We want to make it an easy transition for our clients, they are generally going through an emotional time and deserve the peace.

Why not attend a few local estate sales, purchase an item to help families and decorate your home with new theme from the wonderful estate sale finds.


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