Difference Between an Estate Sale and a Garage or Yard Sale

In Houston, there are thousands of sales held each month; some may call their sale, an estate sale, tag sale, garage sale or yard sale.  There are so many ways to label the sale, but there are actual differences between these sales that define how buyers will perceive the upcoming event.

estate sale richmond tx

Photo: An Elegant Past Estate Sale Richmond, TX


Estate Sale Shoppers

When buyers see an advertisement for an estate sale, they expect a certain level of quality and organization in the items they are about to purchase.  The entire contents of a home are on display for several days, properly organized, individually priced and the items are high quality items that someone cared and enjoyed, but can no longer keep due a transition in life.

Our Houston estate sale shoppers have told us on many occasions, they are disappointed when they see an ad in the paper or an advertisement for an estate sale, they show up and it’s simply a garage sale.

typical garage or yard sale

Yard and Garage Sale Buyers

People that frequent the weekend garage or yard sales are also quite surprised when they come across one of our Houston estate sales.  At garage sales, not the entire contents of the home are up for sale, the items are usually items that someone no longer wants or uses, and they are put out for sale in the yard or garage area.

Prices are much less than an estate sale, and it’s quite rare to find high quality antique furniture, rare collectibles or vintage and fine jewelry.

Shopping items at garage sales or estate sales can be a lot of fun for families, many of them go every weekend and make a family event out of it.

Our team is glad to serve the Houston area estate sale clients and shoppers no matter what they’re used to shopping.  We insure that our prices are fair for both the buyers and still maximize the benefits for our estate sale clients.

If you’re an avid garage sale shopper, try shopping an estate sale, help a family find closure by purchasing and recycling the items they’ve so gently cared for years, and bring them into your home to make new memories.

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