Estate Inventory Appraisal

Once you decide to move forward with our estate sale services, an estate inventory appraisal will be conducted.  Our team will evaluate and value the outlined contents. An Estate inventory appraisal report can be provided to the court for probate sales, when necessary.

As the Houston estate sale company of choice for clients throughout the area, we rely on our expertise, network of estate appraisal professionals and long-term experience in the antique and estate sale industry, to evaluate, inventory and appraise each item to the highest value possible.

cropped-clock-background.jpgWebster Tx estate sale How we conduct our estate inventory?

Once the contract is signed and you’ve hired us to act as your estate sale agents, every item in the home is inventoried. Items deemed unsellable, due to damage or liability dangers, are removed from the home.  We clean out closets, rooms, drawers, attics, basements and we leave no room or corner unchecked. 

Our goal is to maximize your profit and get you the most value for each item in your home.

How we conduct our estate sale appraisals?

Our estate sale company in Houston has seen various types of estate sales. Here’s a few of the items we’ve seen:

  • Everyday miscellaneous items and furniture
  • Common home electronics (washers, dryers, etc..)
  • Vintage art and designer brand-name pieces
  • Antique paintings and furniture items that hold historical values
  • Vehicles such as boats, motorcycles, cars including classic cars
  • Rare museum quality antique items that require specific professional appraisal reports

When you hire us as your professional estate sale company in Houston, you’re hiring our team and a network of professionals.

We rely on our experience and various industry online resources to price the items in your home.  When deemed necessary, we reach out to our network of niche industry professionals to price the high value and rare items.  All this is communicated to you and approved by you along the way.

Our goal is to ensure that we respect the items in your home as if it were our own.  We want to get you the most value possible. This is only achieved if experience, knowledge, and research are combined with proper, clear and documented communication between our estate sale company and you as our client.

We are eager to help you liquidate your estate and get the most value through our proven and successful track record.  Contact us by completing our online help form, or give us a call.  We’re always happy to speak directly with our clients.

webster tx estate sale
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