Estate Sales Setup and Pricing

After our estate sale evaluation, inventory  and appraisal process, the estate sale setup begins.  Our Houston estate sale team has one goal, to sell all the items you’ve asked us to sell at the highest value possible.

What is an estate sale setup?

An estate sale setup is one of the most important steps besides inventory and appraisals.  The details involved are beyond simply sticking a price tag on an item and leaving it where it lays.

As our name suggests, this is an Elegant Estate Sale.  

Buyers look forward to our estate sales and seeing the team from our Houston estate sale company at a home.  We believe items look and sell at the highest profit if they’re well presented.  We go above and beyond the normal estate sale setup and reach out to our network of interior decorators to strategically stage and setup your estate sale for maximum visibility and profitability.

antique markingsHow do you do the estate sale pricing?

While the items in the home are well organized, staged and properly placed for maximum visibility and profitability, we clearly, price, mark and inventory the items, based on the appraisals and research.

We believe estate sale pricing is extremely important.  Properly priced and displayed estate sale items eliminate chaos, distractions and keep the questions and frustrations to a minimum.  Buyers are able to focus on the item without having to worry about the unknown costs.

Your home is turned into a gallery setup estate sale, buyers are able to peacefully walk around, view the items and purchase them.  When items are not properly priced, they are handled and moved around, this can potentially destroy or damage the item, causing an injury, loss and, ultimately, affects the bottom line.

For an Elegant estate sale in Houston, TX we ask you to rely on our team of estate sale professionals to help you achieve the results you’re looking for, with a touch of elegance.

webster tx estate sale
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