A Meeting in Richmond Texas Making Our Estate Sales memorable

Our Richmond Texas estate sale began like any other.  While each home has a variety of items, this one was unique.  It had an amazing variety of old and new items combined with an abundance of medical and disability equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers, etc.

We wanted to market this sale to a wider audience, we felt there are people out there that can possibly benefit from these items and get a great deal.  We decided to rely on social media to get the word out.

On the second day of the sale, a young man sent us a message through facebook that said “I’m a veteran in search of a wide-body wheelchair for my pops.  I served proudly in OIF”.  His message was heartfelt and he was in search of a better wheelchair for his also veteran father, “his wheelchair sucks” he said.

We wanted to do everything possible to help this family, and it was a bit of a challenge to coordinate.  Dante takes care of his father and had to figure out a way to come and get the chair or send his mother to pick it up.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t take it to him either, our clients relied on us to keep their sale going and we had to remain on-site.

With a few messages back and forth, we were able to coordinate the delivery, Dante and his mother Patricia surprised us at our sale and we had the honor of meeting this wonderful family.  We were extremely excited to help them, and it’s a small gesture of appreciation for both service men that dedicated so much of their lives for our everyday freedoms.

Rena (left) with Dante and his mom Patricia at our Richmond Estate Sale

We are blessed because we have the ability to provide a service we’re passionate about, everyday holds a new adventure, and new people we have the honor of connecting with.  This meeting with Dante and Patricia re-assured us that what we do as a Houston estate sale company is important, and touches the lives of so many.

Our estate sale in Richmond ended successfully like many of the estate sales we hold in Houston, but it will always be remembered as one that allowed us to express the true passion behind our profession.  We are in the business of helping others, and we’ll always strive in providing excellence and compassion to all our clients.

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