Set up an Estate Sale, the Staging Process

If you’re thinking about planning an estate sale, it’s good to know about setup. Staging an estate sale is not as simple as throwing up a few signs and getting people to show up and buy.

how to setup an estate sale

Displaying items

The estate sale setup process involves various steps that require experience, a long list of avid estate sale shoppers.  If you’re feeling adventurous and still want to take the project on yourself without hiring a professional estate sale company, here’s what you need to know:

  • An estate sale setup involves the entire contents of a home.
  • Buyers expect each item in the home to be priced, unlike garage sales where they ask you.
  • Online marketing your estate sale is essential in niche specific websites that buyers flock to.
  • Parking and rules of the sales must be communicated at all times.
  • On-site staff covering each room in the home to help your buyers when they need it.

For a few days, a home is turned into an establishment where people come to buy.  Organizing, staging, and properly displaying all the items in their specific locations will make them more desirable to prospective buyers.

Depending on the amount of contents and furnishings, you may need to bring in display items and additional tables.

sale tags hanging

Pricing estate sale items

Another reason consumers rely on professional estate liquidators.  As a company, we urge our clients not to throw anything out.  Some items may be worth a lot more money than they think.  The rule of “someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure” applies to all the vintage, antique, and everyday items we see in our Houston estate sales.

Pricing is a crucial part of the entire process.  Pricing too high will leave your home full of items, pricing too low will not justify the trouble you went through to setup and hold an estate sale.  Understanding the median range is very important, relying on professional appraisers when necessary might be something to look into prior to pricing.

Many of our Houston estate sale clients call us to evaluate, and help them setup an estate sale after they’ve spent a rigorous couple of weeks trying to do it themselves and realize the cost, time and laborious effort is simply too much.

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