Use Estate Sale Finds to Change Home Themes

Our Houston Area estate sale buyers tell us they purchase many items to re-organize, and decorate their homes regularly.  It’s gives them a way to change the decor them in the home without breaking the bank.

Estate sales can be the solution to your decorating problems. Many homeowners want to make essential changes to their living spaces. The cost of furnishings and décor items can be quite expensive. Retail stores that sell these items are especially costly when it comes to purchasing name brands. Bargain shopping is one way to approach your decorating projects.

Estate sales are very diverse and contain items that range the gambit as it relates to furniture. It is possible to find things that will allow you to change the theme of your home. Each room can be decorated and designed to suit your tastes. There are often collectible brands at these sales. You may even discover décor that is valuable at these events. Let’s take a look at how you can create special themes.

Brighten Kitchens with Spring Looks

Windows are the best tools for bring light into a kitchen space. Some home and apartment designs have limited outdoor light. The décor that you add to a space can work to brighten the kitchen. Shop local estate sales often to find floral artwork, window dressings and other items. Yellow chairs of various sorts work for these projects, as well. You may even paint wooden pieces to add color to your kitchen.

Create Color Schemes that Match

You don’t have to perfectly match colors in your home. Coordinating schemes does work to make a great impression. Draperies that fit into existing furnishing colors are terrific estate sale items. Bedding pieces that harmonize with your wall color add to the appearance of the bedroom. Wall hangings, area rugs and furnishings are other items to look for in this category.

Making New Spaces

There are rooms in the home that can serve multiple purposes. Home offices are one example of these projects. Desks, chairs and paintings are nice additions to these spaces. Estate sale events may have exactly what you need for new spaces. You can decorate and accent various rooms of you home by visiting these sales.

One of the good things about attending an estate sale is to find décor and accents that are unique. Antiques are great examples of these special finds. Adding these items to specific living spaces gives character. It is possible to completely change the look and feel of living rooms, dens and dining areas.

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