What Estate Heirloom Items are really worth

Our experience in holding estate sales in the Houston area has not only helped us in learning true value of items, but it also allows us to educate the public on what certain estate pieces are worth.

There’s generally a big misconception of value when it comes to estate items.  What you may think is valuable may not be and vice versa.


Collectible estate items are only worth a lot if a collector is after a particular piece.  Generally, items such as porcelain figurines, action figures, and collector plates do not sell for much at estate sales or anywhere else for that matter.  Only rare antique collectibles bring a good value to the seller.  Just because grandma paid $80 for the little Goble figurine doesn’t mean it’s worth more today.

Vintage Furniture

Depending on the style and material.  Styles and public demands will change depending on what’s trending today.  Certain furnishings are worth much more than others, but the slightest damage in an item can drastically decrease its value to a potential buyer.

Estate Jewelry

Possibly one of the most consistent commodities when it comes to estate heirloom value.  Estate jewelry, especially fine jewelry pieces do increase in value over the years.  Signed designer costume jewelry can at times be worth more than precious metal pieces.

With such a variance in prices on items, the only way to determine true value is by relying on a professional estate sale company that is both experienced in selling a variety of items, many prior estate sales under their belt, and is honest enough to tell you the true value without misleading you into expecting more than they can actually deliver.

The true value of an item is based on what a buyer is willing to pay for it.  You are not obligated to sell anything, but if you choose to liquidate your personal assets, it’s important to understand the true value, not what you assume it to be.

Begin by getting a free liquidation evaluation for the contents of your home, no professional estate sale company can provide you with an exact number you can expect, but an experienced one can surely give you a ball park to expect.

Do you have an item you want to value? Comment below or send us a quick note, we’re happy to help you sell or lead you in the right direction.

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